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Picture of Stephen HemmingsWelcome to my blog site.

My blog comes from a deep interest in three areas that help individuals excel in people-focused roles, and they are Mindset, Collaboration, and Relationship Building. There is a synergy between these three areas, and they provide a strong basis for achieving excellence in sales, management, and executive leadership.

I’ve spent most of my career in managing sales & marketing teams and in general management across geographical regions. I was in management from early on in my career, and I’ve worked for some of the largest technology companies around. However, I haven’t always been in big organisations, I earned my stripes working in small to medium-sized companies.

Mindset & Relationship Building

Whether my role was is sales, marketing, or as a general manager, the thing that struck me in all roles was the need to have a strong mindset and good relationship building skills. These two disciplines would override any technical or marketing knowledge I had and would prove to be key in achieving challenging objectives. As business became more and more competitive, particularly as customer’s markets were starting to be global in nature, a strong mindset and good relationship building skills were critical to collaboration.


The need to collaborate with internal departments or external partners, and often both, has grown significantly over the years.  Many large organisations in complex markets have learnt to do this very well. However, doing collaboration well is challenging and all too often companies fail to achieve the outcome envisioned.  As many writers of collaboration have stated, success is much less dependent on the type of technology you use to communicate and share with each other, or about the legal agreement between parties. As important as these two elements are, the most critical part is making sure you understand and deal effectively with all cultural matters between parties.


I’ve been blogging about these three disciplines for a number of years and you will find my most relevant posts under the RESOURCES button.


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